What are the Different Types of Printables?

Really, a printable is anything designed on a computer that you can print on your printer or at a professional printing press. There are many, many printables or digital products out there, but the following are some of the most common printables that you'll find.

Each has it's own specific purpose. I'll give an example of each different type of printable below so you can have a look for yourself and maybe even gather some ideas.

Wall Art

These are a few examples of wall art that I've created. You can click the link to check them out!


This planner is really neat! I like this one, as well!


To me, binders are a collection of various styles of printables that can be used in just about any niche. Think of them as a collection of a bunch of different layouts you can use to keep track of things. Here is my collection of binders.

Check out these other examples of binders as well: The Wellness Binder and The Chronic Illness Healing Binder.

Greeting Cards

These greeting cards are adorable! You can make greeting cards for you customers to use for any occasion!

Checklists and Spreadsheets

Here is a great example of how to use printables for organizing your life. This example has great ideas for checklists and spreadsheets.

Digital Paper

I love this digital paper!!

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are very popular right now from little kids to adults. You can look at my collection of coloring pages by clicking this link.

This List is Only a FRACTION of What You Can Create

Hopefully you can see by these examples that you can create printables as far as your imagination can take you!

I just wanted to share some examples of what people have done so you can spark your creativity and see the wide variety of products that can be made.

It would take me all day to feature all of the possibilites for printables. Hopefully you're getting excited and inspired to start creating your own!

The principles you'll learn is this course are only the framework. Once you learn the design elements, you can make printables for ANY niche!!

I'm so excited for you!

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